Saturday, December 5, 2009

With Gas?

We're used to having to answer that question at restaurants in France. They make Shirley Temples with it. Pretty country, and they're really very nice to everybody nowadays. Particularly since all these english-speaking people now come across the Channel in the Chunnel and shop in Paris before going back home to their quaint British pubs.

Here in the USA we're asked a different question about Gas. It starts with our Uncle Sugar wanting to know how much Gas there is. So Uncle Sugar passed a law that makes us tell him, how very nice of him to ask us so politely.

This Gas is what heats up the planet, and we must not do this. So we must tell how much we're doing something that we're not supposed to be doing. Usually we cross our fingers when we hafta tell. In California all our politicians are doing this and fibbing to their little brothers and sisters who elected them. So what shall we say that we're supposed to tell them today?

That we will not be making this Gas if we build more and more houses and shops. And they scold us and scold us if we don't build these houses and shops faster and faster, so that we won't be making Gas anymore. We asked Mommy why all those houses stop us from making Gas, and she said it's because they don't actually stop the Gas, they just make so much more heat and trash that it looks like there's no Gas. This will also be expensive for us, we'll have to give a lot of our nickels to Uncle Sugar and Big Brother legislature to not have Gas.

So we'll just go outside and play and not worry about Gas except at French restaurants.