Thursday, January 16, 2014

With a Haiku

A wonderful presentation is online here

The reports released by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) can be daunting, even for science and policy insiders. The full Physical Science Assessment, the first installment of the Fifth Assessment Report, released in manuscript form earlier this year, is over 2,000 pages long. The series was released between September and November of 2013. It's a difficult and complex series of technical and science documentation, but comprised of absolutely critical assessments on the state of the planet.

I wanted to showcase a presentation created as a haiku by a US Pacific Northwest oceanographer, Gregory Johnson and sponsored by the Sightline Institute for a sustainable Northwest. This embraces the key public policy points in the form of haiku poetry and watercolor visuals.

The more people who can understand the nature of the crisis before us, the better to craft solutions that we can all fully participate in. It's the biggest single thing that has happened to this planet and human civilization that we've ever faced.