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Pasadena City Planning

Here in little-old-lady Pasadena you will find killer community activism beyond the Rose Parade vs. Doo-Dah camps.

Pasadena's planning issues are identified on an interactive map showing the historic elements of the city's original axes and city center. These issues are identified and tracked as they enter the public discussion. The controversies inevitably center around the scale of development, with references to the General Plan and the Gray Book (1998 Civic Center land use guidelines). Check out the $ sign for information on current projects under city review! Pasadena Heritage also maintains a list of preservation issues.

In addition, there are open space issues, particularly concerning the Hahamongna Watershed Master Plan which includes the Arroyo Seco and its watershed connection to the Los Angeles River.

Many of the information balloons link to other maps and resources. The map legend is on the main map, click on the "Project Location Map" link to go directly to that map.

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