Best Videos

The Best Videos that Explain It All for You - just about all of them are from California

 On January 24th 2019, Professor Kevin Anderson addressed the Oxford Climate Society on "climate’s holy trinity: how cogency, tenacity & courage could yet deliver on our Paris 2°C commitment".

Building on a more candid foundation, the seminar will proceed to sketch out the unprecedented scale and timeframe of decarbonisation now necessary to deliver on our Paris 2°C commitment. It will conclude by elaborating a system-level framing of the challenge, with equity at its core, and asking whether a Marshall-style policy prospectus could yet deliver on the Paris commitments.

Caltech Chemistry Professor Nate Lewis presents Overview of Global Low-carbon Energy Technology and Caltech "Fuel from Sunlight" R&D

Sustainability Talks at Campus Gotland – Kevin Anderson on Responsibility and Climate Change

Daniel Sheehan: Implications of Global Climate Change
Excerpt from April 3rd 2014 "Constitution Under Water" talk in Santa Cruz, CA

Kevin Surace: Worst Case Climate Change (2008 TED Talk in Monterey, Calif.) IPCC models are too conservative.

Dr Mayer Hillman, Senior Fellow Emeritus, Policy Studies Institute, University of Westminster, London. We are now at a defining moment of history.   (Video 4 of 6 videos)  December 2016

Climate Change - Why we are heading for extinction and what to do about it. Roger Hallam is co-founder of the Radical Think Tank. His PhD studies looked at protest movements and revolutionary campaigns and what factors make them successful.

Dr. KEELING'S CURVE - a 1-hour video of the Caltech production starring Mike Farrell

Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe's 'Global Weirding' videos
Scientist Katharine Hayhoe is widely recognized as a leading climate science communicator. This sampling of her videos provides a taste of why she's earned that reputation.

Five human activities that you can see from space: Our Global Footprint