Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Copenhagen: Climate Justice?

Today marks some progress in the climate talks, as protesters - reminiscent of the 1999 WTO talks in Seattle - stand up for the global community in freezing rain. Along with virtual demonstrators blogging across the globe. The REDD agreement raises hopes that the forests of the planet can be preserved and allowed to regenerate. The agribusiness industry is at the table, which is what makes this agreement all the more important, since those activities are at the heart of the deforestation problem. As is ever-increasing human population.

CSR Wire has a report today that's written around a clear description of Climate Justice, and how it needs to involve all the small nations of the globe as well as the big global powers. This is truly a shift in the power balance and the idea that a few big conglomerate-based nations can carve out the pie for themselves. The New York Times article goes into a comprehensive discussion of how this agreement can help all countries preserve what are now disappearing natural assets.

Beyond those strategies lies the "regenerative" path that needs to be taken by the large industrial countries to severely reduce carbon production in all aspects and help bring the ecosphere back into balance. This presents unprecedented opportunities for innovation and creativity to drive a true prosperity for the human race and this planet.