Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Social Justice in Sustainable Trade

This is how the yarn is spun in Nepal for the rug production and weaving here locally. In this particular shop, great care is taken to hire only adult women and men at decent wages, not children and young girls as has famously happened in the industry and its suppliers to the Western markets.
The yarn is spun in this shop, then sent out for the dyeing process. It is later woven by skilled labor that produces rugs of all kinds of designs, both traditional and modern. I was struck by how similar some of the designs were to the Navajo rugs produced here in the American Southwest for sale in the trading posts. The only difference was the pattern form and the colors of the dyes. The weaving process produces very similar patterning templates that generate the designs.

That's the beauty of craftwork and the labor of design; it's universal. And priceless.