Thursday, June 10, 2010

Building Solutions

RMI is presenting a series on High Performance Buildings, mostly the retrofit of the 90% of potential building environment that exists today. The process is called "integrative design" which uses the engineering to respond to program and site, creating a form response that is highly organic and tied to the site. This also means that we are largely built out in this country, and most work will be retrofit and rebuild, as has been acknowledged by the American Institute of Architects in its future policy discussions.

Since buildings are the largest contributor to GHG's and impact global warming the most of any activity, it is necessary to reinvent the process to bring this carbon load way down. There's lots of case study information on this site.

To quote the RMI site:

“Our whole company is focused on the fact that no longer can the environment and economic growth be at odds. The only way to have economic growth is sustainable economic growth and that business needs to take the lead.” — Jesse Fink, Managing Director,Mission Point Capital Partners