Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Get Political

I wanted to take a minute today to tip my hat to the Hahamongna Blog Day that's being staged with leadership from Petrea Burchard. It's doing pretty well, a good portion of the blogger list is following through. I even learned about the JPL Superfund site from West Coast Grrlie Blather.

Having attended and spoken out in public hearing about this issue, I feel that it's important to take several avenues of resistance to this irrational land planning activity coming from the City itself; all public hearings over the last decade have recorded tremendous public opposition to placing "public facilities" in this natural watershed. My blogs on this matter are here and here.

But most importantly, I've raised a question regarding the source of the ongoing "push" to pour concrete over our watershed resources and destroy its wetlands function that provides critical open space in our Arroyo as well. Should this be investigated? Leave that to the "thorny rose" Friends of Hahamongna?

This is echoed on the Save Hahamongna site:
Apparently strong pressure is being exerted on Mayor Bogaard and Councilmembers to ignore the request from the Hahamongna Watershed Park Advisory Committee and the Environmental Advisory Commission to reconsider a 2003 plan to place two soccer fields and a parking lot in the middle of the Hahamongna flood basin.

This calls for more than just public awareness and raising issues that the City will not deal with directly. The July 12th, Pasadena City Council meeting must be a strong and final blow to these development plans that have been repeatedly shot down in public hearing over the last decade. Get political!