Saturday, May 8, 2010

We Immolate Ourselves Again

The tragedy of the BP platform blowup in the Gulf of Mexico gives lie to the assertions that oil drilling is an acceptable risk in offshore waters. A very comprehensive action is being taken by the Nature Conservancy in response to the blowup and oil spill in the protected marine areas. Their complete first-hand response and report is here. More complete local coverage is at, a New Orleans publication.

There's no way to really make amends to natural systems when this inevitably happens, in particular the Exxon-Valdez destruction which is ongoing in Prince William Sound decades after the incident. Some information about oil spills, their frequency and amounts, are here.

Our economy is simply going to have to shift very quickly to disconnect from these poisonous energy sources before the destruction wipes out ecosystems that provide us with life, food and our deep connection to natural processes at the shorelines. Millions of years ago these interstices and tidepools saw the emergence of life from the sea onto the land, a crucible driven by the tides created in the dance between the earth and the moon.