Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Still Inconvenient

I'll let the big guy speak for himself, in an opinion piece at the NYT, which responds to the criticism about inaccuracies in the climate panel's findings on the climate change issues. We're at the point now where the climate change debunkers have come raging back, despite all scientific data and anecdotal observations of change around the globe.

Well, the climate IS changing. And foreign supplies of energy do threaten the ability of the US to maintain a stable economy and makes it vulnerable to supply interruption, as we famously saw in the 1979 gas station lines that resulted from the energy crisis. It's important to realize what limits to consumption mean to our biosphere, and to move ahead with constructive action on it.

Using market forces is the most effective way to take this action, so public policy will have to shape them.

And as we all know, all politics is local.