Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Water and Sheila Kuehl

Since the water situation in California is heading for political meltdown, Sheila Kuehl has established a consulting business to sort out the Bond issues coming up for a vote this November. Her post in the California Progress Report is part of an initial volley to the voters about the good, bad and ugly in this legislation. Her full set of essays and discussion about the California water situation are on her website.

The bottom line appears to be that there are some huge giveaways of public money to private farming interests, along with draconian urban water reduction requirements (meanwhile SCAG is ramping up a huge buildout mandate through its RHNA numbers). These bills don't seem to help the situation, and are not focused on sustainable strategies, but rather the same old tired plumbing solutions. With the Draft Water Plan in process for final input, it seems that these bills are an attempt to railroad the situation before a comprehensive strategy is put into place as public policy that is then funded with various income streams.

Hence my vote of no confidence on these water bills in November.