Monday, September 28, 2009

City as a Node of Intelligence

How cities grow like brains; an article from Science Daily. Interconnectedness is just as important to cities as it is to brains, according to researchers who've just released a study about the organizational similarities between cities and brains. Cities grow in an organic fashion, and increase the availability of knowledge, resources, commerce and trade. In other words, it increases the sheer number of potential interconnections that people and businesses thrive on . This can be traced through infrastructure networks, such as roads and highways, power, phone and internet. These opportunities increase exponentially for structural and organizational strategies that are effective for its residents and workers. Universities, colleges, convention centers and business incubators (biotech, etc.) represent key urban area draws for this reason, since their connection networks foster innovation, commercial production and knowledge-sharing throughout a region.

This quality of cities has been recognized for centuries as human civilization expanded out of Mesopotamia and urban centers took root along trade routes and grew into major centers of exchange. The evolutionary aspect of this built form has been investigated by Soleri in his arcology studies at Arcosanti, based upon the concept that the noosphere's growth in dense living configurations fosters human evolution.