Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Climbing onward in travels

The study of human cultures reveals shared concepts across early civilizations. Many of these ideas are embodied in the monumental structures of prehistory, such as the Pyramids of Egypt and those on the Yucatan Peninsula and in Mexico, including Monte Alban which overlooks a stunning valley. Other monumental structures were fashioned to focus on the orientation of the sun in specific places and times, such as the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu, of which the Intihuatana (pictured above) is one focus. August, 2004

All of these places exhibit a profound orientation to sun, sky, stars and moon, as well as a formal procession through different physical levels, tied to cultural and spiritual practices. This includes astronomy for the purposes of determining agricultural cycles in societies which had settled into stable farming communities. Monuments and tombs are also oriented in specific directions, with carefully constructed entry sequences. These sequences produce the sacred experiences for those who journey to such places, sometimes at specific times of year or day.

Full screen panoramic in QT video is here