Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dr Hansen Explains It All For You

Linked here is a presentation given by Dr. Hansen at NASA on May 21 (a week ago). It's a 45 minute presentation with question and answer. His presentation gives an overview of his approach, and how he got involved in climate change and what his motivation is now for speaking out to the public on a very complex science issue. He's now taking a very public stance on climate change after retiring from his position at NASA in order to speak out with the necessary urgency and clarity. In his presentation he covers Methane Hydrate at 20:10, Greenland melt at 24:10, and proposes global solutions of fee and dividend at 40:30. One of his slides is below:

 What this is showing is that coal and unconventional recovery of oil and gas are not acceptable as future sources of energy, and along with that, methane hydrate processes which add to the forcing of climate change.

There will need to be a very drastic and immediate change in the way that the global economy operates and procures the necessary energy to keep our systems of commerce and trade in place without the destruction of the ecosphere.