Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The photo above shows some of what remains after the removal of most of the Arcadia Woodlands. The tree sitters from the now-destroyed Woodlands have expressed their gratitude for community support of their civil disobedience on the day the County sent in the bulldozers to rip out the trees and wildlife:

Dear Arcadia Community,

I can't thank the community enough for your tremendous support not only during and after our incarceration, but amid the action as well. Activism requires strength and persistence through many facets and it took all of us to shed a brutal light on the devastation that unfolded the day the Woodlands were destroyed. Thank you for your heartfelt support at the Community Meeting at Eaton Center. It is truly inspiring to see how much positive collaboration has come forth through such a tragedy. Our budding committee is a progressive force mirroring those who are driving it towards powerful change and those who refuse to be muted as our old growth woodlands are destroyed

Although those of us who climbed into the trees are currently facing multiple criminal charges for this action, we haven't the slightest regret. It was an act of civil disobedience, a peaceful, yet powerful act that has only reinforced our conviction to confront injustice and stand up for what is fundamental to the diversification and survival of all life, regardless of its legal or political status. John, Andrea, Travis and I would like to share our Arcadia4Justice website with you all. Through this site you can stay posted on our case, find media links about the action and most importantly give to our legal defense fund. We need your contributions to continue our fight. It has been a pleasure to get to know this community, thank you all.

My Best,

Julia Jaye Posin