Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Global Collaboration

A notice from CSR Wire came across my desktop today, announcing the 14th year of the globally synchronized dance and prayer event for peace, taking place at 4 pm PST on 9/18/10 in over 50 nations. Prayer for Peace is a growing movement by Earthdance International, which joins other global events such ranging from Earth Day to Burning Man to's 10-10-10. It asserts the notion of global family and the responsibilities of each person to stand for peace and constructive cooperation. Many orgs, churches, groups and people are involved. Including Arcosanti, where I workshopped as part of the '78 East Crescent.

It advertises as follows: Now the largest global synchronized music and peace event in the world, Earthdance International coordinates with regional event producers, private party hosts, individual participants and peace organizations to join in the celebration. Each paid Earthdance event agrees to donate at least 50% of its profit to a local charity in the areas of peace, sustainability, and social justice.

In using cutting-edge technology to foster participation in global social networking and outreach media, this organization is creating a mechanism for cooperative peace process that engages people in all communities across the globe. It's an ultimate grassroots movement that extends past national government boundaries and official policies and answers to the needs of people to find solidarity in the face of global corporate misappropriation of local resources and environmental damage that affect them directly, yet leave them with no voice.

This growing response against the corporate takeover of governments and policies is a direct repudiation of the character of corporate power which sees extraction of resources and human capital as its only goal, and results in the depletion of resources and natural systems for all people.

A description of this corporate nature and character is here in Orion, very similar to descriptions of corporate sociopaths that have been explored in several books and articles. These globally synchronized events are using the power of human connection (via technology!) to push back against a rapacious form of capitalism that is making governments and societies all over the world blind to the destruction being created by these processes.