Monday, May 3, 2010

Seeing It

"There is now little doubt that the collective actions of people are affecting the earth's climate."

There's been a tremendous amount of science developed behind climate change research, and the exact calculations and projections are always subject to debate. But really seeing the changes and experiencing the climate change can help us understand the urgency of changing the course of our civilization from consumption to stewardship and intelligent coexistence with natural forces. Humans have responded to natural forces since the beginning of civilization, and we need to develop ways to curtail the human impact on our planet.

A vivid portrayal, very painstakingly and accurately done, has been produced by photojournalist David Arnold. He rephotographed some astonishing pictographic views taken by Bradford Washington in the 1930's and has assembled them into a traveling museum show. It's written up in Sierra magazine, and the photos are also on Arnold's website, Doublexposure. There's a page up on that site for solutions that must be pursued to avert disastrous climate impact:

  • Demand that your local, state and national governments take actions immediately to mitigate global warming and to make policies to adapt to the realities of our changing climate. We recommend strongly a carbon, instead of a payroll tax that penalizes harmful output and rewards work.
  • Demand that your government lead, support and comply with international treaties regarding climate change.
  • Support an urgent transition to a clean renewable energy future.