Thursday, March 11, 2010

Innovation - Buildings and Ecology

The Center for Architecture Science and Ecology is dedicated to research into innovative applied materials for building systems that capture energy and water from natural processes, on the way to creating "zero footprint" structures. One product that has been implemented on a new structure for the Syracuse CoE Headquarters is the installation of Next Generation High-Efficiency Solar Power Systems for Building Envelopes. These facades of grids of clear pyramids help focus the sun's rays to generate energy. It would make the buildings appear as if they were draped in giant jeweled curtains. A video of the system in action is here.

They're developing many other building technologies that allow structures to behave more dynamically and interact in an organic fashion, so quite exciting possibilities offer themselves. This moves the industry past a purely passive energy envelope form with enhanced systems inside; this actually creates an integrated entity that responds to the environment and collects light, energy and water.

Other examples of this idea are here.