Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Home on the Moon

The Dick Edwards Exceptional Leadership Award was presented at Space Center Houston by Asian Semi-Final Competition sponsor, Abhishek Agarwal of India to Hayley Rohrer of Dougeldyne, Pratisksha Thaker of Grumbo; Dick Edward’s wife, Anita Gale; Syed Daniyal Akhtar of Vulture; Lindsey Berkenpas of Rockdonnell; and Johnson Space Center Semi-Final Competition sponsor, Norm Chaffee.

Some 160 high school students from six countries and five states were in Houston earlier this month for the 16th annual International Space Settlement Design Competition to plan a permanent settlement on the moon.The competition was founded by Boeing engineers Dick Edwards (1933-2009) and Anita Gale of Houston and Delos executive Rob Kolstad of Colorado Springs.

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Marianne Dyson, Author of Space & Astronomy; Former NASA flight controller.