Thursday, May 7, 2009

Treasure Island

The AIA National Convention last week presented some terrific opportunities to examine a new approach to human settlement. Here's an example based upon San Francisco's plan for Treasure Island:

The creators and designers of this idealistic platform see this city being less the threat to the planet, rather, an opportunity. Instead of devouring the natural resources and spitting the waste out in the form of sewage and garbage in what is typically called the linear flow. This island environment intends to produce its own energy and recycle its waste transforming the traditional city environment from a factory, in a sense, into an ecosystem. By integrating smart eco-friendly systems a city like this one will be able to support a larger number of citizens with far less resources.

This project is participating in the Climate Positive Development Program. USGBC is working with the Clinton Climate Initiative, a project of the William J. Clinton Foundation, to provide technical guidance in support of CCI’s business and financial expertise. USGBC will help develop and establish the standards and metrics by which the participating sites can measure their climate-positive outcomes.

In January of this year, it received an AIA Honor Award for Regional and Urban Design. Designed by SOM, it has far-reaching strategies in planning and sustainability. See the design and the firm's image gallery here.

There's also a podcast here from the Urban Land Institute about its development from a former naval base.