Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It's Twelfth Night - the night of epiphany, of recognition and awakening. From the darkest days of the year we need to look towards the light, celebrated around the globe, regardless of creed, in different cultures down through the eons with fire, candles, light and music.

We can choose to follow these luminous trails to a better future through intelligent crafting of solutions to the consequences of human habitation on earth. The dimensions of the resource problems are clear - see TED - and our financial challenges will force creative and highly streamlined efforts in rebuilding a new kind of infrastructure that creates instead of consumes.

Walking in the path of natural capital - see the footprint network! - following the trails of nature's processes and becoming part of this ecosystem in balance again, is crucial to a future for all of life. Seeing the big picture and taking the high road will get us there, leaving behind the narrow and cynical view and the empty grasping of coin. Nature is not to be feared or conquered, but embraced and joined, because it's our world and our selves calling for stewardship.